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A great idea for a Christmas gift

I’ve heard many times that practical Christmas gifts are not really gifts. That’s nonsense. Try thinking longer term. What a gift it would be if a parent, grandparent, older brother, or older sister were to help their student pay for his college. It need not even be a large amount.

The typical student takes 20+ years to pay off their student loans. A gift of $100 instead of buying toys or overpriced food baskets could save your student $160 of student loan repayment (when including the interest that will be charged). If the family could pool their resources into one gift, $1,000 could save $1,600. Now, let’s think of four years of school, meaning four Christmases and four birthdays. That will add up quickly to a sizable saving.

There are many more ideas like this in the “Say No! To College Debt” book. Coincidentally, the book is on sale for Christmas this month and next. The retail cost is $14.99 (plus tax). On the website, the book is listed at $12 for one copy (tax and shipping included).

But wait! there’s more. (I always wanted to say that.)

If you have 2 relatives or friends that could use the book to save money on the eventual heartbreak of oppressive student loans, you can get two books for $21. That’s 2 books for just $11.50 each. The direct link to the purchase page is

Please forward this to anyone who would benefit from reading it. And thanks for your reading.

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