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Watch out for Black Friday

Black Friday is coming up at the end of this week. I’m posting my blog early, so maybe you can make better use of the day. If you have a son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, niece, nephew, cousin, or other relative in or about to be in college, give the money you might have spent on electronic gadgets or other non-necessary items to them for college costs.

They may not be all that thankful right now when they have their sites set on a new gaming console or phone. But later on, when their school debt is smaller (or not there), and they aren’t tied down to oppressive payments, they will be thankful.

You can usually make payments directly to the school to prepay tuition. You can also buy meal passes for them at the college. You might even be able to prepay their books.

You could also give a promise of paying for books each semester. Books add up fast. That’s how we’re planning on helping our grandchildren get through college. We have seven grandchildren and can’t afford to provide all their tuitions. But we figure we can handle reimbursing them for their books.

Ask yourself, “Do I really need that new TV or other items?” Or will my resources provide long-term stability for a grandchild or other relative? The book of Proverbs (13:22) says, “A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children.” I can’t think of a much better inheritance than a college education without the debt that too many students are taking on right now.

There are more debt-busting ideas for college in my book. And a Christmas special on the book is running right now. The direct link to the purchase page is Please forward this to anyone who would benefit from reading it. And thanks for reading.

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