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Christmas is more about family than presents

I’m going to veer from the college debt topic again this week and talk about family. I didn’t write much about thanks over thanksgiving, so I’ll do it now. Don’t despair; I’ll have more on avoiding college debt after Christmas.

Next week will be Kathy’s and my 40th wedding anniversary. God has been gracious to get us to this point. First, we have a blended family. The last statistic I heard is that most blended families don’t get to their second anniversary. We’ve been thanking God for keeping us together now for decades.

Second, Kathy is a cancer survivor. She is currently in remission and getting stronger each day. She works hard at regaining her strength, and I’m thankful for that.

During her cancer treatments, Kathy spent 70 days combined in the hospital, rehab, and skilled nursing. Basically, that was 70 days in bed plus limited activity for quite a while after she got home. It takes a long time to recover from that kind of inactivity.

Twice during her recovery, the doctors were convinced that we were going to lose her. We have hundreds of friends that prayed for her, and God answered. She is still here, and the 40th anniversary is a huge deal.

I guess I can bring this around to not borrowing to attend college. Ask yourself if God is so powerful that he can bring Kathy through her cancer and her near-death experiences; isn’t He powerful enough to provide for your schooling without borrowing? Think about that and pray before you sign those student loan documents.

Please forward this to anyone who would benefit from reading it. And thanks for reading.

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