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All of the promised videos for the book are now up and watchable

In my book, “Say No! To College Debt”, I promised a set of how-to videos that walk the viewer through the process of setting up a spending plan (also known as a budget). The videos use a college graduate for their subject, but the process works the same way for anyone.  

There are four videos, and the links are below. The first video shows how the income and spending look before adjustments. The second one shows making adjustments to bring the spending into balance with the income. The third shows listing debts and an effective sequence to help pay them off most quickly. The fourth shows how to record the income and spending to keep from losing control of the spending. All are close captioned for those who would find that helpful.

– Monthly Estimate Budget form – 

– Budget Analysis form:

– Debt List (List of Debts) form:

– Monthly Budget Workbook form –

– A playlist of all four videos is found at –

Excel files for the forms used in these videos are all available at

Please use these and share them with friends who could use some help. For additional help, Crown Financial Ministries and Compass ministries both have budget coaches who can help you with the process of bringing your spending under control. You should be controlling your spending and not letting your spending control you.

Thanks for reading.

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