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It’s almost a New Year and time for a New Start

Since my next post will be in 2021, I thought I’d help you get a good start to your new year. No matter what shape your finances are in, there are things you can decide to start making your situation better. Let’s look at a couple or three scenarios.

If you are not yet in college, now is the time to decide that you won’t borrow. I know, that sounds crazy with the high cost of college these days. But it is possible. In my book, “Say No! To College Debt”, I offer a number of suggestions on college without debt. The thing I would say right now is to take your time. College won’t go away, and you will be happier getting your degree a little further out than charging in, spending money that you don’t have, and being tied down with payments for probably as much time as you have already been alive.

If you are in college, have debt, and are looking down the barrel of a loaded school debt payments gun, I would say the same. Stop borrowing now, even if it means taking a break from school. I took a 7-year break on the way to my bachelor’s degree, and all of my credits were still good. They were transferred to the school where I went back, and I graduated with no debt. It is possible. This option is also covered in my book.

Finally, if you have graduated and have a large amount of college debt, stop borrowing for anything else. The last section of my book covers how to pay back all that debt. Larry Burkett used to say that you won’t get into debt if you don’t borrow, and you won’t get further into debt if you stop borrowing.

If it sounds like I’m trying to sell books, I’d like to point out that my book is available in Kindle format for just $2.99. That price was my choice as I want it to be available for almost anyone to afford. Learning how to achieve freedom from debt is worth your small investment. I have four college degrees and had no college debt when I graduated with any of them. It can be done, and debt-free status is wonderfully freeing.

Thanks for reading. Oh, and my book is available at

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