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God’s Blessings

Believe it or not, this post will address college without debt. But it’s going to start with praises to God for His marvelous care. My sweetie has been undergoing treatment for cancer for the last 16 months. It’s been tough on her, but she is a trooper and has done well. She had a scan this week, and the results are spectacular. The lesions are shrinking, big time.

The praises for God are because He has been gracious to progressively heal her. Now I know that some will say that it’s just her body working in conjunction with the medicine and radiation to expel the cancer. And on the surface, that’s true.

But let’s take a step back and determine who created a body that can heal itself. And who created the smart people who discovered the medicines that can be specifically targeted to my wife’s form of cancer? And who created the smart people who figured out how to determine what form of cancer to target? And who created the smart people who figured out how to use radiation to kill specific cells and pinpoint target it to only kill the cancer cells? Let’s not forget that God also knew that many people would benefit from these treatments and laid the groundwork for all those smart people to find the medicines, diagnostics, and treatments.

Some may say that it all happened by chance. And y’all are welcome to your beliefs. I believe in God’s miraculous power to heal through medicine and treatments. I’m seeing it work, and I say “Praise Him” for what He has created and how He put it all together.

So how does this relate to getting through college without debt? It’s simple. The God who is so powerful to create all those smart people and to create all the materials that those smart people use to treat cancer and other diseases is also powerful enough to get you through college free from the bondage of debt. Like we depend on Him for my wife’s healing, you need to depend on Him to provide for your schooling. He has provided for us many times in the past and will do so for you if you will seek Him, seek His guidance, and follow that guidance.

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