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Career Signing Day

We see much of athletes signing commitments to play at big schools. I’ve also seen many college signings for academic standouts. This week our local paper covered a Career Signing Day. This was for students coming out of high school who are moving into apprenticeships. The student signed agreements for their apprenticeships.

Many of my college professor peers have noticed that not everyone in college is cut out for college. The pressure from relatives, friends, and society is to get a college education. An apprenticeship is a great opportunity and alternative to college, especially when it will require debt to go.

And don’t forget that once you have a job with a good company, you can use a tuition assistance plan from your work to pay for your college as you go part-time. As someone who did that, I can tell you that the classes meant more to me and the commitment level that I managed was much higher than when I was at school full-time. My work habits had also improved by having to function in a workplace.

If you’ve read any of my book, “Say No! To College Debt,” you’ve seen that working and letting your work pay your part-time tuition is my favorite way to pay for college. By doing that, I earned four degrees and had no college debt upon graduating with any of them. You or your child can do that same thing (but with maybe fewer degrees.)

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