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For the past eight months, my blog has been set aside. When my wife started a battle against cancer, priorities in our household changed drastically. She had radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, rehab, hospitalization, skilled nursing, in-home therapy, and is maybe starting chemotherapy again. I am amazed at her strength to get through this. I knew 38+ years ago that I had married a gem.

The original goal for this blog was to post twice a month (roughly every two weeks). Goals can sometimes be sidetracked, and in this case, they were. I recently heard a great quote about goals on a Dave Ramsey podcast, “Goals are wishes with work clothes on.” It’s time for me to put the ‘work clothes’ back onto this blog.

During this time of priority changes, a couple of things have happened. First, what I described above, which was supported by many people praying. We are relying greatly on prayer. I also found a literary agent and a publisher for my book, “Say No! To College Debt”. I am expecting to have copies available by some time in the summer. I’ll have more about that in future posts. Finally, we have survived the pandemic.

I could write a lot about finances during the pandemic, but that would be somewhat off the subject of college debt. The primary purpose of this post is to restart the blog and let everyone know it’s here. If you will fill out and submit the box to the right, you can subscribe and have future posts come directly into your email. I promise not to spam you, and my contact lists have always been private and never sold.

Stay tuned for future news about staying out of college debt, getting out of college debt, and the date of release for the book (including how you can preorder and save some money buying your copies).

In the meantime, prayers are appreciated for my wife and me. I’ll post progress on the treatments as part of the regular topics for this blog.

Thanks for reading.


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