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Federal School Loan Forgiveness is Out

This is not happy news for many, including some of my family. But the Supreme Court has said that programs like that must go through Congress. For those who feel strongly about forgiving student loans, contact your congresspersons.

In the meantime, all hope is not lost. God is still there, and He cares for you. Jesus said to cast your cares on Him. That is my number one recommendation. If you don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus, I would put giving your heart to Him even before casting your cares on Him. It’s not difficult to give Him your heart.

Our recent VBS had three steps. The first is to acknowledge that you need Him. This is probably the hardest part of the process for those of us in Western Culture. We’ve been raised to care for ourselves or let the government take care of us. None of us may ever know how many close calls or potential threats God has protected us from. I’m not sure I want to know. I’ve depended on Jesus for over 53 years now, and He has never let me down.

The second step is to ask Jesus to take over your life. He recognizes any simple prayer to that effect. You may not feel anything after the prayer, but you must exercise faith that He meant what He said. When I turned my life over to Jesus, there were no fireworks or visions. I even doubted for a while that I had done it right. But over the years, I can see His hand plainly in my life as if he had been right there in the flesh giving me direction. He called me and accepted me.

The third step is to study God’s messages to us. They come through the Bible. If you don’t have a Bible, you can read it online. Used bookstores also have Bibles that you can buy for very little. I suggest you start with the Gospel of John. To help you understand what you are reading, get involved in a church that still believes the Bible is the inspired word of God and make some good Christian friends.

As you are making friends, keep in mind that turning your life to Jesus doesn’t automatically make you perfect. The same is true for other Christians. Please give them the same tolerance that you provide to your current friends. We all do dumb things and sometimes hurt other people. That’s not an excuse to walk away from church.

And like I said up top, cast those cares (burdens) on Jesus. Seek Him, and He will help you deal with your debt or other problems. If you have questions, drop me a note or a message.

Thanks for reading. And please pass this on to anyone you know who could use it. And may God bless your efforts to achieve financial freedom as it leads to spiritual freedom.

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