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Invite a student to Christmas dinner

On the whole, the United States is a great place to live. We have a wonderful culture and traditions. Here’s an idea to show that to someone else.

Many colleges have foreign students who can’t or don’t want to go back to their home countries over the holidays. Can you imagine being in a foreign country during Christmas or even a school break when all your fellow students and most of the college staff are home with their family and friends? Picture Scrooge in almost any version of the Christmas Carol being left behind at school over Christmas break. It would be beyond lonely.

You might have an opportunity to share your life and culture with someone over the Christmas break. If you have a college or university within driving distance, contact the Dean of Students and ask if they have foreign students or even U.S. students who can’t get home. Ask if you can host one for Christmas dinner.

A school where I taught on-ground had a program that connected students with families for the holidays. We did that once and had a great time. The student learned more about America, and we learned some about his home country. And with a wonderful cook for a wife, we all had an excellent meal. Adding another person to our table was a negligible cost.

Please forward this to anyone who would benefit from reading it. And thanks for reading.

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