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Please learn a lesson from the student loan debacle

If nothing else comes from all the hue and cry over the student loan debacle, please learn the lesson that borrowing is bondage. People of integrity who borrow money do so with every intention of repaying what they borrow. Good intentions don’t provide loan payments. Regrettably, borrowing can be ill-advised.

Anyone that’s read my blog, my book (Say No! To College Debt), or my social media posts will know that I think that student loan borrowing is mostly ill-advised. If you are one of those who are in bondage to student debt or close to someone who is, you know exactly what I’m saying. I expect you will probably agree. I quoted people in my book who found that borrowing was all-too-easy to do and all too hard to pay off.

So, please learn a lesson. Whether you are a borrower in bondage or not, you will have opportunities to borrow in the future. Before you sign the loan papers, think about the student loan debacle. Think of the pain and sidetracked lives. Think of the need to take whatever job you can just so you can make payments. Think of delayed marriage and delayed having of children. Think of the toll that money problems have on marriages. Is what you are considering borrowing for worth those side effects? I hope you’ll say an emphatic “No!”

And a note to those who may wind up getting student loan forgiveness. Please understand that getting forgiveness once doesn’t entitle you to future forgiveness. Counting on future forgiveness is not a good plan, even if this one does go through.

Thanks for reading, and please pass this on to anyone you know who could use it. And may God bless your efforts to achieve financial freedom as it leads to spiritual freedom.

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