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Dorm Room Not Available?

Loren Dunn, of World Magazine, posted an article on a problem that students arriving on many campuses are having. It’s worth sharing for a couple of reasons.

The problem is the lack of space in campus housing. Students are on wait lists, and many never make it to a dorm room. For new students, with this being their first time away from home, finding an affordable apartment or room may not be a good alternative.

Being off campus also brings the cost of transportation. I discussed the cost of having a car on campus in my book, “Say No! To College Debt,” and certainly don’t advise that. There also can also be safety issues in traveling to and from campus.

What to do? The article ( tells of one student starting the year with just online classes taken from home.  This gives her time to find alternative housing arrangements. It’s a bit late to change schools unless you want to take classes at your local community college and transfer to your chosen school later. That alternative is actually a thrifty and viable way to go.

This dilemma brings up an interesting thought. What if God is closing the door to your chosen school at this time? If you go ahead and push into an apartment or some other arrangement, might you be struggling to bypass God’s direction for your life?

I don’t have an easy answer for the problem, but I would certainly not want to get out of God’s will for me. I would spend time seeking counsel and praying before I jumped into something else. A little time now could save much future pain and agony.

Thanks for reading, and please pass this on to anyone you know who could use it. And may God bless your efforts to achieve financial freedom as it leads to spiritual freedom.

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