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Worries about the future

Over the decades that I’ve been alive, I’ve heard from some that they never intend to have children. They expressed worries about the climate, the ability of the planet to support the population, the violence in our streets, the spread of disease, and other reasons. I’m not going to get into what the Bible says about families and having children. But I’m hoping that the above reasons or the war in Europe aren’t things that deter anyone from moving forward with their educational goals. And here are some reasons why.

My mentor, Larry Burkett, used to say, “Worry is taking on a responsibility that belongs to God.” Please don’t misunderstand. We are to be concerned. We are to look at what’s coming and adjust our lives to prepare for it. There’s nothing wrong with that—the Bible talks of planning. But to worry to the extent that reasonable plans are being scrapped (whether they are college, vocational school, or other plans) is wrong.

There have been reasons like I listed above since the fall of Adam and Eve. If, when Hitler invaded the Sudetenland, everyone stopped going to school, locked themselves up in their houses, and just figured the world would end, we would not be the nation we are today. America moves forward through adversity.

Sooner or later, our children are going to leave the nest. When they do so, you don’t want them to leave with a disadvantage in the job market and society. Please don’t let bad news or “wars and rumors of wars” (Mark 13:7) discourage you or your children from getting on with all your lives.

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