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God still works in wonderful ways

You may consider it unusual for a blog on how to avoid college debt to talk about how God works. I can understand that questioning if you haven’t yet read my book, “Say No! To College Debt.” In the book, God’s provision is a key element.

Today, I want to talk about the wonderful way that God has worked in the life of my wife, Kathy. She has been fighting cancer for almost two years now and was just declared in remission. She went through chemotherapy with radiation, recovery, surgery, recovery, a life-threatening setback, and more recovery. This was followed by heavy-duty chemotherapy, along with a biological agent that targets the particular cancer that she has. That sounds so scientific with up-to-date, modern treatments. But don’t leave God out of this history.

It’s a terrible mistake when you take God out of the picture in your life. We are thanking God for his foresight in creating the diagnostics that found the cancer. We thank Him for creating the chemicals that kill cancer cells, but not the whole body. We thank Him for creating the biological agent that triggers the immune system to fight her particular type of cancer. We thank him for creating radiation that can kill little spots on the interior of a body without cutting it open. And we thank God for creating super-smart people who discovered His design to overcome the cancer that has infected this world and also for the wonderfully compassionate and highly skilled people who administer these treatments. And He had this all planned before the creation of the world. I still have my lovely wife due to God’s provision built-in as part of the creation of this world.

How does this tie into paying for college? Do you doubt that the God who cares for details, such as I described above, is incapable of providing for your college education without debt? He is capable and willing. First, you need to ask Him for the provision. Then you sometimes need to wait for His answer. If you jump ahead of Him and his provision, you’ll create heartache for yourself, your family, and your future family.

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