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Crowdfunding can help pay for your college

USA Today had a great article a while back on alternative ways to help fund your college. If it’s still some time until college, you can use to link your spending to rewards on purchases at restaurants and online shopping. The rewards can help pay for college. The program also shows you how to properly save for college.

To be frank, this is highly unlikely to pay for your college, but it could be a part of how college is covered (preferably without debt). For most people, paying for college should be a jigsaw puzzle with different pieces all fitting together for a debt-free graduation. This is one piece of the puzzle.

State 529 plans can also be a piece of the puzzle. Encouraging relatives to contribute to 529 plans can be another part of the puzzle. Of course, this is for those who are still looking forward to the future.

If you’re already at college and there is still money needed, please don’t just sign on the dotted line. Last week on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, I wrote about the majority of former college students who said the debt wasn’t worth it. You don’t have to just take my word. So, what do you try if you’re already in college or starting in a few months?

The USA Today article talked of students who are using GoFundMe to raise funds. One lady got $8,000 of her needed money using a well-crafted, compelling story. It could be another piece of the puzzle.

Is it guaranteed? No, it’s not. But any success is a help. And you are using your ingenuity and effort to stay out of the debilitating debt under which so many former college students now live. As many of them said – it’s not worth it!

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Source: USA Today May, 17, 2019, College Costs call for creativity

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